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Body Balancing Massage Therapy

Super Advanced Therapy in the treatment of soft tissue injuries

While all Massage is Therapeutic, not all Massage Therapists do Therapeutic work!

It is all one body - all connected
Soft Tissue is the one thing that touches EVERY part of your body.
Soft tissue & the fluid body is a malleable medium
This malleable medium is influenced by Massage Therapy
I can help you

Owned By Gary Gammon

This is where you go for therapeutic medical massage for migraines, lymphedema, disk problems, frozen shoulder, carpal tunnel , and even mystery pain. I am the therapist that loves the problems that everyone else gives up on. In my experience as an L.M.T. in the state of Florida I have found that the problem is rarely where the pain appears. It takes an intuitive, knowledgeable and practiced hand to find the problem, and balance it with the body.. Call 407.467.4977 for more information.